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The Littlejohn Junior Youth Council

The Founding of the Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council


In 2005, from the 97th Annual Report of the NAACP: The prospective junior youth council was to be chartered in the near future: Dayton, OH The Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council was the brainchild of Barbara Jones-Mack, Advisor of the Dayton Youth Council. She asked Judge Bill C. Littlejohn to assist by paying for 25 memberships to establish the organization. The Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council was first discussed during a meeting at Zion Baptist Church. Mack discussed this opportunity with Jean A. Foward and asked if she would lead the Junior Youth Council as the Advisor. Foward Accepted. They held an organizing meeting and the Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council was Officially Chartered by the NAACP Board of Directors effective April 30, 2005. They held their first official meeting at the Dayton Branch NAACP on June 11, 2005. During that year, the council had 33 members. Its primary objective was to give back to the community in which they serve and to be taught leadership skills to assist them in the future. For the year, the conucil raised $302 to further its work. They had expenses of $207, which resulted in a surplus of $96.


The First Junior Youth Council Officers are as follows:


Denzel Hollis, President; Kameron Townsend, 1st Vice President; Karmen Townsend, 2nd Vice President, Alexus Knox, Secretary; Donovan Demus, Treasurer; Kennedy Hill, Sergeant-At-Arms, Kennedy Hill    


The First Junior Youth Council Advisor and Co-Advisors are as follows:


Jean A. Foward, Advisor; LeKeate N. Knox, Co-Advisor; DelMaria M. Watts, Co-Advisor


Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council Vision Statement


The Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council vision is to equip young people with the tools necessary to become future leaders throughout the United States of America and the World. (Copyright © Incorporated 2015 - TAB)


Click Link: Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council Chronology  


Littlejohn Junior NAACP Youth Council Leadership Team


Destinee Ra' Walker - President

Malik Battle - 1st Vice President 

Oddisty D. Ogburn - 2nd Vice President

Jaylen A. Hayes - 3rd Vice President 

Cherie "Re'Ree" H. Bolden - Secretary

Ze'Niah S. Howell - Treasurer 

Jean A. Foward, 1st Lady - Advisor

Pam Sloan - Co-Advisor


We encourage youth between the ages of 1 - 13 to get actively involved to learn leadership skills while having a lot of fun.


We meet on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month at the Dayton Unit NAACP Office,1528 W. Third St at 10:30 AM. For more information, please call Jean at (937) 470-1059 or Pam at (937) 470-9750.  

Advisor - Littlejohn Junior Youth Council, Dayton OH Branch NAACP - Mrs. Jean Foward   

Littlejohn Junior Youth Council

Jean A. Foward, 1st Lady
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Destinee Ra' Walker 


Littlejohn Junior Youth Council





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President's Spotlight

Derrick Foward"Move Forward With Foward"

Fellow Citizens:

Achieving constitutional justice in America isn't easy, but with your help, we will be one step closer. The unemployment rates across the country are staggering for people of African American descent. In almost every City in the these United States of America, the unemployment rate for African Americans is almost doubled the national average. We need to hold every employer accountable to the following mandate as outlined in the United States Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be Self-Evident, that All Men Are Created Equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain Unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Ask yourself, if all men are created equal, how do disparities exist? "We the People..." expect equality!!!

"Our Success Is Influenced By Your Actions (DLF)"

Your community servant,

Derrick L. Foward